In-House vs Outsourced Radiology Transcription

The documentation of radiology reports play a crucial role in helping physicians arrive at the right clinical decision. Radiology departments generate several types of reports every day and it’s necessary to get them transcribed accurately and quickly. The question is whether or not to outsource the task. The issue of in-house vs. outsourced radiology transcription relate mainly to efficiency and affordability. Transcription of any type requires investment in infrastructure, specialized equipment and software as well as the hiring of skilled and trained transcriptionists. Maintaining a separate department to carry out the task is Herculean task which requires special attention. Moreover, accuracy is crucial, as even a single error in transcription may damage the reputation of the service provider, sometimes with legal consequences.

Why Outsourcing Radiology Transcription is the Preferred Option

Outsourcing radiology documentation tasks to the right service provider assures an assortment of benefits for radiology departments, individual radiologists, imaging centers, and hospitals.
  • Reduces the administrative responsibilities and workload associated with in-house transcription.
  • Saves the precious time and effort that would otherwise needed to complete documentation, allowing healthcare service providers to focus better on providing timely diagnosis and treatment solutions for patients.
  • Saves in-house transcription expenses on staff salaries and benefits as well as specialized infrastructure. Reliable radiology transcription service ensures clients cost savings of up to 40% by lessening overhead and payroll expenses and providing a platform to help them benefit from advanced technology at the lowest rates.
  • Convenient dictation options.
  • Documentation solutions with accuracy levels of up to 99%, with three levels of quality inspections.
  • Customized medical transcription services in quick turnaround time.
  • Regular, updated radiology reports.
  • Reduces client documentation responsibilities and helps in the retrieval of radiology records when needed.
Choose the Right Medical Transcription Company

While some transcribing services are quite common, few like radiology transcription are in high demand because almost all specialties in healthcare require the assistance of radiology department for diagnosis. Furthermore, these services help healthcare practices competently reorganize their entire coding system and enhance their overall efficiency. In reputable companies, radiology transcription jobs are performed by trained professionals to ensure high levels of accuracy and timeliness.

The question of in-house vs. outsourced radiology transcription is easily resolved when you consider the many benefits that come with outsourcing. It is important to locate to a HIPAA-compliant service provider to ensure top security for client data. All files would be transferred using secure modes. An established medical transcription company can help healthcare practices and radiology departments to enhance their bottom line with consistent solutions at affordable rates.

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