Medical Coding Outsourcing - Get Maximized Reimbursement

A healthcare facility would function smoothly only if the billing and accounts receivable are managed with great efficiency. At the same time, sufficient time should be devoted to patient care. Proper optimization of the revenue without compromising patient care can be achieved only with the help of an external service provider specialized in medical billing and coding. The healthcare industry is benefited to a great extent with professional AR management and medical billing services. Now, medical billing and medical coding services are gaining more popularity among healthcare providers. Medical practices are realizing the value of outsourcing to a good medical company, and are keen to enjoy the benefits offered.

Professional Expertise Can be Accessed with Ease
When the task of billing and coding is entrusted to a reliable and professional provider, there is assurance of maximum compensation. This is because billing can be done without any kind of flaws. Medical coding and billing professionals have the expertise and experience to provide accurate coding, and they ensure that your medical claims are processed on time and with perfection. Each and every claim is followed up with great efficiency. When the services of a professional company are hired, you can get easy access to professional and certified coders who can efficiently manage the coding of clients. Almost all coders are well versed in ICD-9, CPT and HCPCS codes. Accurate codes are assigned so that there is absolute compliance and no denials. Experienced coders are also aware about the requirements of individual payers, of government regulations and covered services.

Revenue Enhancement with the Help of Medical Coding Services
  • Insurance verification, insurance enrolment, patient enrolment and insurance authorization, account assessment, payment posting, audits and coding, AR management and denial management are handled systematically.
  • Bills and claims can be submitted without any flaws.
  • Regular follow-ups are also facilitated. Due to this, maximum reimbursement can be obtained on time.
  • For avoiding delays, payment requests are sent to the right departments.
  • Secondary as well as primary claims are filed on time.
Other services that are offered by a medical coding company are:
  • Proper organization of the records of patients
  • Proper registration and recording of patient information
  • Checking insurance eligibility
Professional medical coders keep themselves updated with the latest procedures and standards of care and so, the right codes are carefully assigned for prevention of denials and enhancement of reimbursement. Before submission of bills for processing, companies providing medical coding services carry out claim scrubbing for double checking the information of the patients. Medical coding outsourcing to the right provider will definitely benefit healthcare professionals, improving performance and productivity.

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