Medicare Risk Adjustment Coding

Medicare risk adjustment coding (MRA Coding) is a method of adjusting capitation payments to health plans, which can be higher or lower, to measure the changes in the expected health cost of individuals. The risk adjustment coding calculates the risk score for each Medicare Advantage (MA) plan enrollee based on health status and geographical factors. MRA coding has become vital in all healthcare organizations, hospitals, individual practices and for physicians to get appropriate reimbursements from Medicare. Healthcare entities that lack the required proficiency in coding are likely to face delays and denials on account of erratic coding for Medicare. Outsourcing the risk adjustment coding tasks to a reliable medical billing company is the practical option.

Hiring a medical billing company that provides HCC coding services can help avoid costly coding errors and maintain a steady revenue cycle. A reliable medical billing company ensures accurate MRA coding by trained and experienced coders.

Reliable Medicare Risk Adjustment Coding Services
Professional coding specialists can efficiently perform the following tasks:
  • Accurately report ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes
  • Complete and maintain quality medical report documentation
  • Assign the correct HCC (Hierarchical Condition Categories) codes required by CMS to report the health status of your patients
  • Determine the appropriate HCC codes on the basis of the five sources of diagnostic coding accepted by CMS – principal hospital inpatient, secondary hospital inpatient, hospital outpatient, physician and clinically trained non-physician.
  • Identify any missing information in the medical records.
  • MRA Coders at reliable firm offer comprehensive and error-free coding for all active diagnoses, previous illnesses and status conditions that you have documented.

Advantages You Gain by Outsourcing Medicare Risk Adjustment Coding
  • Accurate ICD-9-CM and HCC Coding: a reliable transcription firm provides 99 percent accuracy in the output.
  • Quick record retrieval service: reliable firms understand the importance of quick record retrieval in MRA Coding and so they organize, manage and collect records whether in digital or paper format within minimum time.
  • Security assured: a reputable firm provides utmost security to your documents. They utilize FTP and browser-based 256 bit encryption protocols for safe sending of files.
  • Cost savings: reliable firms offer their valued clients cost savings of 30 to 40 percent.

Other Benefits Gained
  • Maintain full control of project
  • Streamline workflow processes via web-based portal
  • Access custom reports including physician score cards
  • Easily find out any record for over-reading or audits
  • Coding services based upon your needs

By associating with a reliable medical billing and coding company you can benefit from Medicare risk adjustment coding at reliable costs.

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